Privacy Policy

Shearling Land believes in providing the services that keep the customer satisfied and coped with the future disruptions. Moreover, to keep the things aligned and clear we have designed the privacy policies that for sure remained you unquestioned. Here are the FAQs enlisted that give you the details from order placement to shipment.

What information you will be required to provide while you are placing an order?

While you are placing an order, you are required to provide your complete name, billing address, contact number, email address and correct card details.

Why providing the correct details is obligatory for the customers?

The only mission of Shearling Land is to keep the customers connected for long, thereby we are always updating our services and providing convenience. However, for all of our faithful customers, it is obligatory to share the details that are 100% accurate. This makes feasible for us to make your shopping experience smooth and fast. We are always working to keep things hassle-free and authentic.

How we ensure your information is in secure hands?

From the time you sign up and till you end up with a purchase, we are continuously taking care of your information. We know the sensitivity of data, thereby we have different servers in our database that works automatically. Once the order is delivered your sensitive information will be deleted from our database. Only the name and email will be remain saved just to keep the customers updated with the new deals and offers, moreover helps the customer’s future purchasing and login process.

All the personal details you share are securely conveyed to the SSL system (Secure Server Layer) and then it is transferred to the secure payment gateway supplier’s database. The team that is dealing with the shipment process only has access to your information.

Do we contain access to the cookies automatically saved?

Yes, we have the access to the cookies, when you visited our website or sign up, the cookies are automatically saved by the browser. This enables us to restore your information, such as shipping details and help us recognize you.

Do we misuse or sell the customer’s information to some other companies or vendors?

As you will find Shearling Land as one of the authentic online stores. We are always keeping our customers satisfied with our first-hand services. We are hostile to make prolonged relations, however, with all the possible safety measures we do not sell or mistakenly misuse the information for our benefits. When you are shopping with us your very personal details are in secure hands.

How the policies are applied?

These policies are applied to the reimbursements of our online customers. From the order placement time to the shipping process, the policies implement the strategic part and are applicable whether it is about the shipping or payment. You are supposed to follow these policies.

Are you agree with the policies?

These policies are made for the feasibility of the customer and to cope with the hurdles they might face while placing an order. When you purchase from our website or visit, kindly agree with the policies.

For more queries contact at Our customer support team is always here to tackle your problems. Feel free to connect with us and don’t forget to share your shopping experience!